About Darrell Jones

Rev. Darrell Jones is a spiritual counselor and teacher who provides loving, nurturing and transformative one on one counseling and group learning experiences.  In 2008 Darrell was licensed as a spiritual counselor and in 2012 was licensed as a minister by the Centers for Spiritual Living.  Overall, Rev. Darrell brings over 10 years of study and practice to his work.  Darrell offers his services not only to the individual but also to groups and organizations through workshops, classes and speaking engagements.  Rev. Darrell sees clients in the Chicago area for face to face sessions, however he also provides phone and video chat sessions to clients around the country and internationally.

Darrell has lived in Chicago since 1995 and attended the first service of the Bodhi Spiritual Center in 2003.  At that service he fell in love with the community and its teachings, becoming one of the original charter members.  Darrell has always been involved in spiritual community as a son of a minister, but truly found his hunger for spiritual philosophy and practice fed with the teachings of Science of Mind and other New Thought teachings.  After years of study, a deeper call came from the center of his being to enter training to become a spiritual counselor, which culminated with his licensing in 2008.  Always desiring to expand his understanding, practice and embodiment of wisdom and spiritual principle, Darrell entered the Holmes Institute in the fall of 2009 and graduated in the summer of 2012 with a Masters in Consciousness Studies and the designation of Reverend Darrell Jones.  Darrell is taking his study of the major world religions, philosophy, psychology and quantum physics theory and expanding his work as a minister in the greater community as a spiritual leader that facilitates the awakening of inner wisdom in the individual, groups and organizations.