Friday, October 10, 2008

Think Globally, Act Locally, Listen Closely

I love this phrase or slogan, but I added the phrase Listen Closely (Thanks Joanna!) I have loved this phrase for decades as the environment has continued to be a growing concern. But not only do I try as much as possible to hold this phrase in my mind as I purchase items and make choices in my life regarding the environment and the products I use, but I think there is also a deep spiritual and practical lesson here. My goal and intention is to think about this world, this country, my larger community but also to look at where I have the power of responsibility. I have the responsibility for the choices and decisions of my life but as I make those decisions I can consider my greater community, my country, my world..our world. But then I must also listen, listen to what goes on internally in my mind, heart and soul and the world around me. Listening for the matching "yes" within myself and outside of myself. If there is a mismatch, I choose again, and again listen, learn and grow. My desire is that we do this individually but also collectively, making choices for our good and the greater good, but from a place of deep consideration and stillness and not reacting and overreacting from flared emotion. Don't know if this makes sense, but it is where I am today, right now. There is a challenge ahead of us all in the upcoming days, weeks, months and maybe years, but what I know is that this too shall pass, and we will come out on the other side, different, but better. All is well, all is good...all is! Love to all!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Can we put our attention on something good?

I am sitting here watching the debate...and...AND...I want a different discussion. My goal and intention is to turn my (our) focus on something, well positive. To activate hope again, that hope that initially excited me about Obama's message that has seemed to diminish in the energy and fear of the current market and the tendency towards mud-sligging during these weeks before the election. I want to have a discussion here about vision, what are our hopes and dreams beyond what is going on right now, beyond who is actually elected, do our dreams really change based upon who is running the country? What is the vision of hope that you hold for this country period, that is not contingent upon who is sitting in the oval office. I see a country that is in recovery and strong. Moving out of a financial struggle but as a result of the "struggle" a country that has learned to take ownership again, to be responsible in its choice and decisions instead of blaming everything on them, the government, elected officials, money hungry wall street, etc. etc. Join me in this conversation and make a post. What is your vision for good?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome and Thank You!

Welcome and Thank You for stopping by and checking out my blog. My intention for this site is to one launch my spiritual counseling career but also to create a forum and a venue for discussion, insight and revelation around life, our lives, and how they became to be and this power for good that is ever present and always willing to support, nurture and sustain us for greater and greater good.
I truly believe and know that we are all connected by a presence, power and energy for good. The more that we can acknowledge, be aware and connect with this presence, the greater our lives can be.
For the past 4 years I have studied many aspects of spiritual principles that have transformed my life and my desire is to share these ideas, notions and concepts with the greater world so we all can live lives that are deep, powerful and authentic.

Check back frequently to see where the discussion goes and if ever you desire support on your journey of life, don't hesitate to call or email for support, prayer or a counseling session to align and tap into this power for good that is at our beckons call at all times.

Love, Light & Laughter,