Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Trust Love, trust love, trust God that love is everywhere,
That we are here to be the perfect givers of love and receivers of love
And love will have the final word." - Rickie Byars Beckwith

This is one of my favorite lyrics of Rickie BB.  We are here to be givers and receivers of love AND what if the giving and receiving started within ourselves?  Yes this song speaks to all of our relationships, we are here to give and receive love to and from our family, friends, children, lovers, spouses and partners, but can we consider ourselves in this giving and receiving?  One of the basic principles of new thought philosophy, spiritual psychology and empowerment practices is that we can do, be or give to another only that which we can do, be or give to ourselves.

So on Valentine's day we collectively look outside ourselves to give and receive love, this is not a bad thing, I am just challenging myself today and invite you to join me in practicing self love, giving myself the love first, so I may be that much more of a better lover in the world.  Ask yourself the question today, how could I expand my love of self today?  This is not an ego stroke exercise of saying I look good, or I am a good so and so, this is an exercise of unconditional self-love.  Regardless of what you have or don't have, love yourself today, regardless of what your relationships look like or don't look like, love yourself today.  Regardless of the conditions of your life are you willing to unconditionally love the expression of Spirit/God/the Universe that you are?

Trust love, because love, loves to love.  It doesn't know how to do anything else!  As Rickie BB states, we are here to be the perfect givers and receivers of love.  If we truly embrace this idea, love WILL have the final word.  And so it is!