Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Expect a Miracle?

This past July I spoke at the Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago on the importance of being aware of what we think, recognizing what thoughts we conform ourselves to. (click here for the YouTube Video) If we embrace the idea that our thoughts create our life, it is crucial that we constantly strive to remain aware of our internal dialogue. Henry Ford is attributed with the following quote: "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." The title of my talk at Bodhi was "Who's Right Anyway?", and the point I iterated like Henry Ford, is that you are always right. Remove all other people, rules, obligations, agreements etc from the picture and whatever you think is right. Whatever you think is what you think period...and what we think effects how we see, interact, love, share and grow in our very life! Just last night my attention was drawn to the word miracle, from drawing an oracle card (angel cards they are sometimes called). I pull these from time to time as food for thought, as guidance for my spiritual practice. The card I pulled read "Expect a Miracle". I immediately became aware of all the doubt thoughts that ran through my head, "yeah, right a miracle", "show me then I'll believe it", "miracles are magic." Intellectually and mentally I say I believe in everyday miracles, yet when I pulled this card, with no effort on my part, these thoughts jumped to the surface of my mind. So if whatever I think is right, then on some level I don't believe in miracles. How humbling the spiritual journey, to be made aware of that which doesn't serve us. If I truly desire to experience miracles in my life, then I must expect them to happen, however, I have been made aware that my thinking is contrary to that which I desire. What do I do now? I return to my spiritual practice of prayer, meditation and working with my spiritual counselors. I begin today, by simply meditating in the willingness to accept a miracle. "I am open and willing to accept a miracle" better than that, "I am open and willing to expect miracles!" What are or aren't you willing to expect and accept in your life, be really honest with yourself and you may be surprised like I was.

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