Monday, July 4, 2011

Sweet Freedom - Happy Fourth of July

"We have thought that outside things controlled us, when all the time we have had that within that could have changed everything and given us freedom from bondage." - Ernest Holmes

As I meditated this morning and did some reading I was drawn to this thought by Ernest Holmes. All the time I have had within that which could have changed everything and allowed myself freedom from bondage. It is easy to reflect on the past choices and decisions I could have made that would have been more beneficial or freeing, to see the truth in the above statement from Ernest Holmes. The real place of power is to know this today, that I, that we have the power, wisdom, creativity and ability to change everything from within and free ourselves from whatever bondage may be present in our lives.

Affirmation: Today I recommit to my freedom, allowing the practice of prayer and meditation to open my mind, heart and soul to a greater understanding of that which impedes my freedom and that which fosters my freedom. I am free and empowered to create a life that is abundantly expanding all of my heart's desires!

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