Friday, August 12, 2011

A state of being...

Food for thought came to me this week out of "Practicing the Presence" by Joel Goldsmith, "All through the ages, duality has separated us from our good, but it is a sense of duality, not duality, because there is no duality. The secret of life is oneness, and oneness is not something that we bring about. Oneness is a state of being."

What caught my attention was "...oneness is not something that we bring about. Oneness is a state of being." I immediately became aware of areas in my life where I am attempting to make oneness happen, where I attempting to make abundance, love, peace and freedom more apparent. If I need to make something happen then there is a part of my thought or belief that says, I am separate from it. If I need to make love come about then that means it is not already here...right? If I need to bring about oneness in my career, then it is not here then! Whoa, whoa, whoa, I tell myself and take a deep breath and reread the Joel Goldsmith passage. Afterwards I am reminded of a spiritual phrase that has been shared with me numerous times by many of my teachers "you are that which you seek".

Dangit! I've done it again. I am looking outside of myself for love, truth, reality, support and validation...shoot, I thought I was done with that! So once again I breath, and I am reminded to practice, sit in the stillness and cultivate the love, wisdom, truth, abundance and support within and move from that which I am into the world, drawing unto me that which I am. Vibrationally, energetically and consciously drawing into my experience a divine match of who I am, the Love, Wholeness, Peace & Joy of the divine.

We are mighty attractors, if we are attracting into our experience that which we do not desire, all we need do is shift our attention. Join me this week in giving yourself the gift of aligning with that which you desire for 5 minutes everyday in quiet, intentional meditation. This is not an exercise in figuring out how to be one with what you desire, this is an exercise of being one with your desires. See it in your minds eye, feel it in your emotions and body how it would be to be one with it. That is it, nothing else to do or make happen. Yes we still live our life and make decisions and choices, but as we continue to truly align with that which we desire, we begin to live our lives and make choices and decisions from a place of oneness as opposed to being separate and removed from our good. It may sound oversimplified but I am giving it a go, how about you?

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