Monday, November 24, 2014

Returning from Retreat

Yesterday evening I returned from an almost full weeks retreat.  It was so good and necessary to get away and create some space and distance from myself and my day to day routine.  Rest, relaxation, creativity, realignment with vision and peace are a few of the words I would use to describe my time away.

I made it home for a late lunch and then had to go into to work for almost 6 hours and then when I came home had some dinner and started catching up on my personal emails...I started to notice a feeling of anxiousness thinking about starting this week and Oh its Thanksgiving, so much to prepare for, the word "how" kept looping through my mind..."How am I going to get that done this week?....How will I...?...How am I supposed to...?"  My great post retreat feeling was quickly fleeting.

Thank goodness for taking the time to meditate this morning.  The pearl of wisdom that came to me and quickly brought me back to my retreat mindset was...

You must consciously choose the experience of your life moment to moment, second to second or you will always be in reaction to what is happening around you.

I was beginning to react to my life!  Nothing has changed in my day to day upon returning from my retreat, however, something in my body and mind had changed...AND as quickly as I had changed, I found myself slipping back into a space of reaction to the conditions of my life.

I must go on retreat every morning, multiple times a day if necessary to reconnect to my heart, my love, my peace, freedom and creativity.  I can't wait for the conditions of my life to "make" me feel this way.

This is one of THE basic spiritual principles I consciously first learned, Life really moves from the inside out, however it is so easy to forget.

I am grateful for the reminder this morning in meditation...and once again, I consciously choose the experience of my life moment to moment.

And so it is...and so I shall.


deeps said...

this is a beautiful reminder to all of us..
thank you

Darrell Jones said...

Thanks for the comment Deeps! So good to be connected within and around the world!

Regina Dillard said...

Anxiety is certainly what I was feeling today as I looked at my task list. Then I simply observed the anxiety without judgement and just breathed deeply. Meditations always help me. Thanks for reminding us to live in the NOW and be thankful for the experience.

Darrell Jones said...

Yes, yes, Yes! Regina. Thank you for the reminder too. I am starting 31 days of focused power meditations if you care to down load December 1, here is the link