Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Power of Hello

Thanks to the guy in the park this morning who said hello as I jogged by.  He was walking his dog, I was trying to get blood moving.  He said hello, but really made eye contact with me.  I immediately felt lighter, happier, excited even.  My jog which began as a dreaded necessity for health and longevity as a 40 something male, all of a sudden fell away (even though I was still jogging).  I felt excited for my day and optimistic even!  I found myself asking the question "Was I not optimistic before he said hello to me?"  I realized it wasn't so much about being optimistic or not, my mind prior to that was just caught in a loop of the things I have to do today.  I was using this precious time by myself to process lists in my mind, but all of those things were "to dos".

In the last couple days the turn of the phrase "human doing vs. human being" has come up a few times.  This morning I realized I "do" a lot, and that is partly just who I am, but in my doingness, who do I wish to be?  I don't think I can actually be anyone else other than who I am, Darrell, light, joyful, creative, lover of loving et cetera...however, in my constant cataloguing of all my doing, I forget to focus on who I am.

Thanks guy in the park for reminding me that regardless of what I am doing (jogging, typing a blog post, sitting in a meeting or ordering coffee), I am a connector.  I love to connect with people.  Thanks for making eye contact with me and reminding me how good it feels to be seen!

My intention today is to see...really see as many people as I can today, and be seen by the wonderful world that surrounds me.

Thanks for reading.  I hope you see something you needed in my sharing.

Love, Light & Laughter! - Darrell

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