Monday, April 28, 2014

Finding Heaven Within...AKA Meditation

I am continuously humbled by the practice of meditation, how easy it is really to do, yet how hard I make it for myself.  I am grateful for conference call numbers.  I have started offering meditation conference calls and it is so wonderful once a week to meditate with others.  It holds me accountable to my practice and allows me to experience these words of Joel S. Goldsmith from Practicing the Presence .

"God is not found up in heaven--not in pilgrimages, places, or persons.  God is to be found within us.  The very moment that we can agree inwardly that this is true, we have accomplished half of our life's journey toward the experience of heaven on earth; the other half remains.  Now we know where the kingdom of God is, but how do we attain the realization of it?....Hundreds of books have been written on this subject, but those that have been written out of the depths of experience all agree that the presence of God can only be realized when the senses are stilled, when we have settled down into an atmosphere of expectancy, of hope, and faith.  In this state of relaxation and peace, we wait.  That is all we can do, just wait.  We cannot bring God to us for God is already here, in the inner stillness, in the quietness of confidence."

I hope you take a moment to sit and still your senses this week and listen and experience, the kingdom of God, heaven, the inner sanctuary of peace, hope and expectancy.

Love, Light & Laughter ~ Darrell

Here is the link to meditation call if you are interested in downloading it. (Click this sentence)

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Anonymous said...

Thankfull heart is a fortable heaven which you bring everywhere