Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Distraction, Control & Showing Up- Day 2

Well this morning was interesting.  I chose to listen to music this morning as I meditated.  It usually allows me a quick deep dive into my heart for meditation...well, not so much this morning.  I like to use Pandora's Calm Meditation channel, but one song came on that had chanting that wasn't calming at all, it just irritated me.

So I started fumbling around with my phone (I was using it as the device for music) and it was slow, not pulling up the screen very fast, so I started pushing a bunch of buttons and nothing happened, my frustration began to increase, then...AWARENESS!  I was trying so hard to control my meditation this morning it was painful.  Then all I could do was chuckle a bit at myself for my need to control the music and came to the insight, "Darrell, all you need to do is show up and that is what you did this morning!"

I was making my meditation time wrong this morning, because my mind was ping-ponging all over the place, and then I remembered that just a couple days ago, I wasn't meditating, now I am....all I need to do is show up and let God, Spirit, Life, Universal Wisdom do the rest.

So I step into my day with the awareness that I like to control things, but all I really need to do is show up and foster my relationship with whatever is and an immediate shift begins to take place.

I set the intention today to simply show up and be aware.  In the midst of life's distractions and my need to control and make everything okay, all I need to do is show up and be mindful and everything will be okay...because everything is always okay.  I am grateful once again to cultivate a powerful relationship with the spirit of my own being, the Spirit of life itself!

Namaste, Ashe, Amen, And So It Is!

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