Testimonials & Recommendations

Just listened to last weeks and this weeks in succession [meditation recordings]…feeling literally like a cleanse through my brain and body…went right on to gratitude journaling…it is so, so good to share this practice with you and to know there is something to go to that is closer than my own breath. as always, thank you so much! - Ashley

I have had the pleasure of receiving spiritual counseling from Darrell on a few occasions, so was familiar with his presence, his warmth and his approach to spirituality. When I got engaged, I was pleased beyond belief when Darrell agreed to marry my husband and I. Neither of us are very religious so there was no template to default to, and both of us know ourselves well enough to be rather particular on how we would want such an occasion designed. We met with Darrell twice and he truly guided us to define the type of wedding we wished to have with thoughtful questioning and counsel. We knew that we wanted ritual, some gravity to the event, and the inclusion of our community. After helping us define those desires, Darrell created a ceremony that was beyond what we could have wished for. He researched combining rituals and found one that resonated with us and prepared a delivered a ceremony that was inclusive and participatory for our guests from start to finish. We are forever grateful. - Best love, B. King

My dear Darrell:  As you know I am if not your biggest fan, certainly right there with the best of them...you are a sensitive, knowledgeable, straight forward and personable minister, with the most open heart....My personal experience with you and your counseling work was powerful and profound, dissolving what I thought were insurmountable issues and fears.  Through you, they were Puff, gone!  So there you are, whole, perfect and complete! - S. Brigandi

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